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Our school has 10 iPads, and we are thinking of starting to use configurator. All the iPads are in griffin defender cases, and we are thinking of buying a bretford syncing tray, but don't think the ipads will fit in their cases. How do you connect multiple ipads at once? We're going to buy either a macbook pro 13" of a 13" air to run configurator on.

I used a cheap 10-port USB hub for a while that cost me around $12. These days, I have a syncing cart that holds up to 32 iPads that costed significantly more. I can’t say that the cart is much better than the USB hub was.

Just make sure that the hub is powered—or you won’t be able to connect more than one or two iPads. Also, I don’t know if your iPads will fit with their cases on, but you should consider getting a dish drying rack to hold them while you are syncing them.

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